Natchez Burning

Greg Iles returns! This time Penn Cage, his fourth appearance in Iles's work, struggles with a 40-year-old mystery. Cage, the Mayor of Natchez, delves deep into tragedy. He unveils violence during the Civil Rights Movement and its effect on the community. At over 800 pages, Natchez Burning will keep its hooks in you. Iles is surely back better than ever. This novel is a testament to his recovery from a car crash in 2011. This misfortune resulted in the partial amputation of one leg. Even through his troubles, Greg Iles provided us with…continue reading →

Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

In the realm of the King’s mind, he has conjured up another great thriller. Everyone knows him, knows his style, and knows what to expect. However, this time Stephen King has created a heart pounding, nail biting race against time. A desperate for life, retired detective sets out to catch this sociopath. This detective is an unlikely hero. He is seeking for a reason to live. And then, a letter arrives from the villain that got away. Once again, Mr. King shows his mastery of suspense in Mr. Mercedes. The book leaves you…continue reading →

Power Greed and Hubris by James Crockett

        In this profound Mississippi true crime text, James Crockett intricately exhibits the actions of the infamous Richard (Dickie) Scruggs, Paul Minor, and Judge Bobby Delaugther. They were prosecuted for bribing judges to rule in their favor. Crockett puts them on trial once more in this chilling work about impropriety and, as stated in the title, hubris. Crockett reveals "back alley" schemes and some in plain sight between those mentioned earlier and more. This book will enlighten your perspective on the legal system and ways that it can be shaken. Yet, it…continue reading →

Unwine Downtown June 26th

UnWine Downtown gives the community time to relax and enjoy shopping with some friends. All you need is a ticket provided from the Greater Starkville Development Partnership and you receive 20% off everything in participating stores downtown. Each store will be carrying either a white or red wine and a paired appetizer.continue reading →