image343Set in Meridian, Mississippi in 2008, Hush, Swing, Hush is the third novel by author/artist Laurie Parker. Dee Loder, a forty-year-old divorcée and school librarian in Meridian, Mississippi has a lot on her plate in the spring of 2008. First and foremost, she is dealing with the ongoing challenges of being the mom of a special-needs child, an eleven-year-old boy with Asperger Syndrome, whose dad is a loudmouthed high-school football coach and little help with their son. Then, when her book-hoarding father passes away suddenly, Dee, a book lover herself, is left to deal with both the memories of a man she never really knew, as well as the overwhelming number of boxes he crammed into the Craftsman bungalow in which she grew up. Romance is the last thing on the mind of this mother of a misfit and daughter of a mystery—that is, until handsome Leland Dixon arrives in town from Dallas,Texas with a guitar and a gallant willingness to help her out. Before she knows it, life begins dishing out a heaping helping of bombshells, and she is hit head-on with the heavy realization that she may have to rewrite more than just her own history.

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