Photo Mar 18, 9 10 37 AM In their breakout tome In a Different Key: The Story of Autism, journalists John Dovan and Caren Zucker explore the ebb and flow science that once skewed our view of what we now call the autism spectrum. We hold this nonfiction account of autism history dear due to the fact that the first diagnosed person was born in Forest, Mississippi over seventy years ago. Donald Gray Triplett, born in the September of 1933, showed signs of challenged social interactions. In 1937, his parents committed him until 1938. In October of that very same year, Triplett was examined by a psychiatrist, in Baltimore, who was unable to diagnose him. Ultimately, Triplett attend high school, and in 1958, he received a bachelor’s degree in French from Millsaps College.
In a Different Key: The Story of Autism, doesn’t just illustrate the life and struggles of Triplett; it shows the good and bad motivations of autism research. Such a story, without a doubt, climbed its way to the top of Non-Fiction Pick of the Month.

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